Join Don and Jim for a fun and entertaining look at beer, whiskey and brotherhood!

About The Brothers

We’re two brothers separated by 2,500 miles of America and united by one blog.

Jim is the beer guy, with a true passion for big character beers and the brewers with the guts to make them.

Don is the whiskey guy, with a palate like fine food critic and a love for all things whiskey; the history, the distilling process, and the drinking. Especially the whiskey drinking!

This podcast is our chance to celebrate the amazing variety of really special brews and batches that continue to emerge at a wonderfully rapid pace, and to talk about life as beer and whiskey lovers just trying to keep up with it all.

In the mix you will get to know both of us and how we are alike and how we are different.  Quick list of differences:

1) Jim is Liberal, Don is more conservative

2) Jim is on the East Coast in New Jersey, Don is out west in Idaho

3) Jim is more metrosexual, Don is more of a gun toten, flannel wearin’ redneck

4) Jim is skinny, Don is fat.

Beyond that we have the same parents, we’re both married, we both have families and houses with mortgages, and we both pay our taxes.

We can promise you that you will not agree with us all the time, hell we won’t even agree with each other half the time, but it should be fun and enjoyable, and maybe even a little informative.

If you enjoy our podcast, then be sure to check out our blog at for daily fun.


Don & Jim

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