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Live From Brewforia: Pliny, Enigma, and Maker’s 46

On this episode we take the show on the road! We hit the Brewforia Beer Market in Boise, Idaho where we talk about craft beer on the frontier, how our favorite beverages are starting to make in roads in some pretty remote locations.  We are joined by Brewforia’s own Rick Boyd and our pal Chad (@BeerPoet on Twitter) as we drink New Glarus Enigma, Pliny the Elder and Schlafly Reserve 2006.  We also sample Maker’s Mark 46 and a home brewed Belgian Quad sent to us by a loyal reader.  We even discover that Don just might be Idaho’s version of a metrosexual.  All that and lots more on this episode of the Invisible TV Show!

Beer and Whiskey Bros Podcast 5

The Joys of Drinking Away from Home

On this episode we talk about a great summer tradition – drinking away from home! Don shares his impressions of a couple of Idaho brewers; Wallace Brewing and Laughing Dog, as well as reviewing Four Roses small batch bourbon. Jim talks about the beer scene in Wisconsin and reviews a couple of goodies from New Glarus and Central Waters. Also, The Brothers are joined for Fun Facts by their sister Wendi, who talks about how she tortured Don as a child.  All this and more on this action-packed edition of The Invisible TV Show!

Beer and Whiskey Bros Podcast 4